I am a Professor of Software Engineering at Middlesex University as well as being the Academic Dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology. Before entering academia, I enjoyed 15 or so years working in industrial research labs at Texas Instruments (TI) and Sterling Software. At TI, I worked on the world leading Information Engineering Facility (IEF) where I was part of the team that developed the meta model for software tooling in component based development.

Many decades ago, I completed by PhD in graphical interaction management from the University of Bath under the guidance of Prof. Phil Willis.

If you want to know my complete life history, aside from my cricket career averages, you can download my full CV from this link.

On Synthetism:

A term used by post impressionist artists such as Paul Gauguin to distinguish their work from impressionist artists. The term is derived from the French verb synthétiser (to synthesize or to combine so as to form a new, complex product).  I was struck by just how much that resonates with the idea of conceptual modelling. It is just that.

In the end, a picture is a just (usually) a flat surface with a range of different intensity of paint colours.

On Skiddaw:

The banner picture on the website is a part of an evening shot of Skiddaw overlooking Derwent Water. The picture was taken from the road to Watendlath just after Ashness Bridge.