Inclusive Innovation: An example of academia and industry collaboration

The Engineering Professors Council is hosting it’s first Crucible event that is showcasing a range of case studies across learning, teaching and research collaborations between academia and industry. My case study presentation focuses on a long-term (10 year) collaboration with India’s premier IT research laboratory, TCS Innovation Labs at Pune. This collaboration between Middlesex University,

Is Finding a Fault in a Domestic Central Heating System Like Finding a Software Bug?

In the middle of a kitchen refit, our central heating (CH) system started experiencing frequent drops in pressure that required refilling for re-pressuring the boiler. Such drops in pressure can be for several reasons, some trivial and some serious and it is important to find the root cause (more on this later). Investigation for the

Lets kill spam conferences and make our existing conferences better

Fellow researcher @jordicabot posted on Twitter ( ) that we take this opportunity to “kill” a bunch of conferences because they were small and bloated with keynote speakers and panels disguising the lack of a deep scientific program. See: This is the beginning of a good debate but it would also have been instructive to see a

The Rhetoric of Protest Songs in the #FarmersProtest in India

Since November 2020, farmers across India have been protesting against the Agriculture Act 2020 that changes how their produce comes to the market. Protest songs by mostly Punjabi singers have become an important vehicle for generating support for the farmers and raising awareness on an international scale. [Download the paper here: Rhetoric-FarmersProtest-v4]. All over India,

OrgML – A domain specific language for organisational decision-making

The on-going collaborative research with TCS Research Labs and Prof. Tony Clark at Aston University is reported in the 13thedition IFIP WG 8.1 working conference on the Practice of Enterprise Modelling (PoEM) – The conference is online this year and free. There are some great papers being presented. Our paper focuses on the design

Workshop to Launch the London Digital Twin Research Centre at Middlesex University

In November 2017, the UK Industrial Strategy was published setting out a long-term plan to boost the productivity and earning power of the UK population with investment in skills, industries and infrastructure. The strategy proposed four challenges: UK to be at the forefront of artificial intelligence; Future of mobility to be based on electric cars and

Language Support for Multi Agent Reinforcement Learning: Our paper at ISEC 2020

Our research with TCS Research Labs continues to bear fruit. The Actor based language ESL used for much of our collaborative research now incorporates machine learning capability and delves into Digital Twin technology. We report on some early results at one of our favourite conferences: Innovations in Software Engineering (ISEC) – India’s premier software engineering

Mapping the Public Debate on Ethical Concerns: Algorithms in the Fourth Estate

This paper was published in the Journal of Information, Communication and Ethics in Society, 2019 The full paper is available on the Middlesex University Repository here. Algorithms are in the mainstream media news on an almost daily basis. Their context is invariably artificial intelligence and machine learning decision making. In media articles, algorithms are described as powerful,