Towards Improved Organisational Decision-Making – A Method and Tool-chain

It’s taken a bit of time, but one of our early experiments on constructing a tool chain from existing technology to support organisational decision making finally got accepted in the German Informatics Society journal: Enterprise Modelling and Information Systems Architectures


Modern enterprises are large complex systems operating in an increasingly dynamic environment and are tasked to meet organisational goals by adopting suitable course of actions or means. This calls for deep understanding of the enterprise, the operating environment, and the change drivers reactive as well as proactive. Traditionally, enterprises have been relying on human experts to perform these activities. However, the sole reliance on humans for decision making is increasingly unviable given the large size of modern enterprises, fast dynamics, and the prohibitively high cost of incorrect decisions. To address this challenge, we propose a method that leverages existing enterprise modelling (EM) tools to improve the agility of organisational decision-making as well as reducing the analysis burden on human experts. The proposed method artifact employs a design science research methodology and the method is validated using a realistic industrial case to bring out its strengths as well as limitations.


The paper will be available on the EMISA website, but the pre-publication version is available on the Middlesex University repository here.