Workshop to Launch the London Digital Twin Research Centre at Middlesex University

In November 2017, the UK Industrial Strategy was published setting out a long-term plan to boost the productivity and earning power of the UK population with investment in skills, industries and infrastructure. The strategy proposed four challenges: UK to be at the forefront of artificial intelligence; Future of mobility to be based on electric cars and self-driving vehicles; A shift to clean growth (low carbon economy); and harnessing innovation to meet the needs of an aging society.

At Middlesex, we believe that Digital Twins are a key foundational technology for the Industrial Strategy and recognising that, the Faculty of Science and Technology is launching the London Digital Twin Research Centre. A digital twin, simply put, is a realistic digital representation of a real-world entity, asset, process or system. A digital twin allows in-silico experimentation before a potential solution is deployed. Digital twins are applicable to many domains and are central to the digitalisation agenda of many industrial sectors.

A workshop with presentations from industrialists and academics will take place on March 9 2020 and is open to industry, academic and public sector policy makers.

The workshop agenda is available here.

Registration for the workshop is free and is available on eventbrite here.